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Beastwood Skatepark

It took a while, but the new indoor skatepark in Bruges is there! The opening is set on the first of May 2021!

Are you ready for?

Skateboard sessions, skateboard school (Push Skate Academy), soft drinks, pizzas, coffee, fresh pints and so much more. Creatives can visit the collab Art Gallery or chill out in our garden.

A community project between Nine Yards, Push Skateboard Academy, local skaters and all those willing to collaborate ...

Contact: Beastwood vzw - Grasdreef 5 - 8200 Bruges // VAT - BE0748 879 887 // info(at)

Push Skateboard Academy

Push Skate Academy offers technical sports support and encourages kids to develop within skateboarding disciplines. All kids are welcome to receive tips and tricks from our 20 certified monitors in the region around Ostend and Bruges. Each monitor has his own style and unique qualities.

Basic tricks from riding around, turning, pumping to jumping in the air, dropping, kick-flips, switch flips, you'll learn it all. Not only ideal to perpetuate the board feel in other boardsports (surfing, snowboarding, etc), but in particular to develop your own unique skate style in the evolution of the sport.

Almost all Push monitors have completed the skatecourse at the VTS (Flemish Trainer School) and, in addition to their skateboarding skills, have the didactic skills necessary to convey the science of skateboarding in an accessible manner.

Furthermore, Push has a top sports segment to support young riders with a lot of potential on their way to the top. Monthly skateboard sessions on the move, pralaya yoga, sports psychology, etc. bring new insights and broaden the understanding of the sport.

Contact: Coast Capital vzw - Frans Musinstraat 12 - 8400 Ostend // VAT - BE0641 922 244 //